Quiet Night thoughts

Poster Series and system design

The goal was to create and understand what makes an effective visual system. 
The animated GIF which combines the posters can be found here.

For this series of posters and visual identity, I chose to tap into my cultural roots and explore my heritage along with my feelings of homesickness. I'm studying what I love at RISD, but I'm also miles away from my family and my friends. My mother visited me once, and I became overwhelmed with emotion when she left. I chose 靜夜思 (Quiet Night Thoughts) for its nostalgia of childhood as I've learned and had to memorize it in middle school. It is a classical poem every child would learn, and the subject matter reflects how I feel. Translations are at the bottom of each poster.
Skills Demonstrated
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Motion Graphics
Visual System