Graphic Designer

How can an identity encompass the theme of music?

Branding & Poster, Spring 2019

Every year, RISD holds an event called Artist Ball at the end of October where students dress up in costumes and party for a night. I created this proposed concept for what Artist Ball 2019 may look like. Originally inspired by Lo-fi and Vapourwave music, my work morphed into this idea of DIY music, shared and enjoyed by everyone hence the name, _Mixtape. The loopy, custom lettering is meant to mimic old cassette tapes while the colors take inspiration from acid graphics. Through countless design iterations, I discovered that the “IX” in the word “Mixtape” could represent 9 in roman numerals whereas “M” means 1000. I then added in an extra “M” and “X” to incorporate the year, 2019 as MMXIX into the word allowing it a second reading.