Graphic Designer

How can something ordinary and mundane become delightful?

Animation, Fall 2018

An egg finds itself in a new and unfamiliar surrounding. At first, it resists its fate, but later finds peace and acceptance.

This short film was made for Design Studio 1 under the supervision of Anastasiia Raina. The goal was to create a video no more than 2 minutes showing the steps to perform a task without voice overs or text.

I chose to focus on the narrative aspect of the task and created this animation of what the perspective of the egg would be. I have always been fascinated with philosophy and tried to incorporate my thoughts and questions on life in my work. While making this film, I wondered: How does the egg feel about the new environment? About being boiled? Is it scared? How does the egg come to accept being boiled? Does it believe it was its predestined fate, or that it chose to become a solid form; that it has free will to determine it wanted to become solid? How does the egg reach acceptance of the absurd world/situation it lives in? I became increasingly interested in how the egg felt about what was going on, and reflecting on my own life. I often enjoy learning about life though finding analogies to try and explain things for myself.